stage 3: the queen's stage

Queen's Stage Race
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Experience the smashing climbs, stunning views, and hometown hospitality of Rebecca’s Private Idaho in the best way possible: up and down 186 miles of epic riding. In three timed stages over the course of four days, you’ll fall in love with the raw and varied terrain.

186 Miles | 10,646' | 4 Days


The Queen's Stage

The mother of all stages. The Queen's Stage is comprised of Rebecca's original RPI route. 103 miles and 6,208' of racing throughout the pristine backcountry of the Salmon Challis National Forest on roads and even chunky double-track. It is in a word, unforgettable.

Sunday, September 1

It's the one and only main event. The Queen's Stage takes on one of America's original gravel races. This is the brainchild of Rebecca Rusch, it wasn't made to be easy.

103 Miles / 6,208'

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7:00am: Start gathering at Festival Meadows for our pre-race announcements and staging.
8:00am: GO!

What's it like?

Starts at Festival Meadows at 8 AM. This iconic course adds a few miles to the original RPI route, showcasing Idaho's awesome mountain vistas and remote landscape. We start and finish at Festival Meadows in Sun Valley with a neutral rollout.


At mile 81 all Baked Potato riders except those in the Hand Cyclist category or those on recumbent bikes will take a short five-mile diversion off Trail Creek Road on a section that Rebecca calls ‘El Diablito’ for the devilish technical aspect, but also the breathtaking views of Devil's Bedstead. Hand-cyclists and recumbent bike para-cyclists will not turn left to do El Diablito due to the rough, narrow trail. They will continue straight over Trail Creek to the finish and will complete the same mileage. The course split will be clearly marked with flaggers and signage.

Sections on the Baked Potato have two-way rider traffic.

Aid stations will be located at miles 12, 24, 43, 65, and 76.

You must make it to mile 43 (Copper Basin aid station) by 11:45 AM to continue onto the Copper Basin loop.

QSR Scoring

Chip timing will be used for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 - same chip for each day. Each stage will be scored by the system below. Your placing will earn the number of points next to that place. Your points for all three stages will be added together and the rider with the highest points wins the overall Queen’s Stage Race. In the event of a tie in points after the completion of all three stages, the rider with the lowest overall time will be crowned the official Queen’s Stage Race overall winner in their category.