Queen's Stage Race
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Experience the smashing climbs, stunning views, and hometown hospitality of Rebecca’s Private Idaho in the best way possible: up and down 186 miles of epic riding. In three timed stages over the course of four days, you’ll fall in love with the raw and varied terrain.

186 Miles | 10,646' | 4 Days


The Harriman Trail

Over 35 miles of variable trail well-suited for gravel bikes, except for where it isn't.

Thursday, August 29

Rad single- and double-track. Like nothing else you'll do on a gravel bike.

35.2 Miles / 2,584'

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7:45am - 8:45am: Pack Pick-Up at Baker Creek Parking Area (if you didn't already do this)
9:00am: Race start

What's it like?

This is Rebecca's favorite stage of the entire event, and arguably the most challenging. There's an important change this year, in that we've eliminated the mandatory shuttle! The start has moved to the Baker Creek overflow parking area, and competitors are now able to carpool to the start.

The course for this year is a stepping stone to a longer one in 2024 that will be almost identical to the longer 45 mile Galena stage of 2022, but with a start and finish at Baker Creek.

There is one section of challenging single track this year that will require some of you to hike for a little bit before you're able to mount back up, but the payoff is well worth the effort as you rip back down from the top, north end of the course on the return route.

Warning: This route features two areas where you may see two-way traffic. They will be well-marked.

IMPORTANT: Do not ride on highway 75!

As a condition of our permit, no riders may ride along highway 75 to or from Baker Creek. Please drive (carpool) to the start.

QSR Scoring

Chip timing will be used for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 - same chip for each day. Each stage will be scored by the system below. Your placing will earn the number of points next to that place. Your points for all three stages will be added together and the rider with the highest points wins the overall Queen’s Stage Race. In the event of a tie in points after the completion of all three stages, the rider with the lowest overall time will be crowned the official Queen’s Stage Race overall winner in their category.