Queen's Stage Race
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Experience the smashing climbs, stunning views, and hometown hospitality of Rebecca’s Private Idaho in the best way possible: up and down 186 miles of epic riding. In three timed stages over the course of four days, you’ll fall in love with the raw and varied terrain.

186 Miles | 10,646' | 4 Days


Dollarhide Hill Climb

While the Dollarhide ride might be nearly 50 miles, only 4.5 miles are timed. After a neutral rollout, riders start individually in 30-second intervals after reaching the timed start at mile 20. Then it's one steady, breathtaking climb to the summit at nearly 8,700' above sea level and a neutral ride back home.

Friday, August 30

Hill climb time trial. After riding at your own pace to the 20-mile mark, line up and race individually to the top!

50 Miles / 3,309'

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8:00am: Pre-Race Meeting
8:30am: Race start (the ride portion)

What's it like?

Start and finish at Limelight Hotel--8:30 AM sharp. There will be a neutral ride from Limelight Hotel to the beginning of Dollarhide Climb. You will have pavement for approximately five miles, then we hit gravel and ride along Warm Springs Creek. We will use this casual 20-mile ride as a way to connect, socialize, and warm up. Please do not drive out to the hill climb. The neutral sections are not timed, but are still considered part of the stage, so in order to be scored, you have to complete the whole stage, including the two neutral sections (out and back) and the hill climb.

Once you arrive at the base of Dollarhide, we will line up for the individual time trial climb in order of arrival from the casual ride starting at Limelight (remember you must complete the 20 mile casual ride from Limelight). This is a staggered start spaced 30 seconds apart. No drafting on the climb. No headphones.

Please note: there is a 20 MPH strict speed limit for the descent. Excessive speed will result in disqualification. After your time trial, you are welcome to stay and wait for other riders, or make your way back to town at your own pace. This segment is not timed, but is required. You must pedal back to Ketchum and complete the stage to be officially scored.

The finish of the stage is at Limelight Plaza. We will announce the day’s winners via website and social media at approximately 1 PM. Podiums for this stage will take place on Saturday at the Welcome Expo.

Most important dangers: Dollarhide is steep with hairpin turns and the road is open to vehicle traffic. Warm Springs Road near Ketchum is often busy. Please be alert, follow rules of the road, and be courteous. Remember, my name is on your number plate! Be a gravel SHARK.

QSR Scoring

Chip timing will be used for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 - same chip for each day. Each stage will be scored by the system below. Your placing will earn the number of points next to that place. Your points for all three stages will be added together and the rider with the highest points wins the overall Queen’s Stage Race. In the event of a tie in points after the completion of all three stages, the rider with the lowest overall time will be crowned the official Queen’s Stage Race overall winner in their category.