Ride Entry Security

Ride Entry Security Terms

Ride Entry Security (RES) provides refund coverage if you are injured or become Ill before the event, and the injury or illness you suffer prevents you from being able to check in to the event.

RES provides refund protection for the cost of the rider's route entry fee only. Refunds on merchandise or donations made at time of registration are not eligible to be refunded.

RES may not be purchased retroactively, and must be purchased at the time of registration. If you have already registered for the ride, but did not purchase RES when you registered, you will not be eligible for the refund benefit that RES provides.


Ride Entry Security is valid only for the event year that it is purchased for at the time of registration.

Ride Entry Security is non-transferrable.

Participants who suffer from an injury or unforeseen illness prior to the event that prohibits them from participating.

Participants will be required to provide supporting documentation.