RPI Policies


Refund, Transfer, Deferment, and Cancellations

RPI Sun Valley


We will continue to follow all mandates the correlate with CDC risk level for Blaine County, Idaho. We will adhere to COVID-19 protocols and current best practices in the Blaine County area. We will follow any mask mandates made by Blaine County at the time of the event.  Masks will be required for staff on shuttles for the QSR Stage 1 race day.  


As a courtesy, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while on the shuttle. While it might be a pain and not a public health policy in Idaho right now, in the interest of all that have trained hard to compete, we ask that you wear a mask so hopefully, no one has to cut their 4-day RPI experience short. Thank you!


As you probably know, wildfires have become commonplace across the West, and the air in Sun Valley can sometimes get smoky. We will closely monitor any fires and the wind conditions in our area. We won’t know if air quality is either safe or potentially hazardous in our area until just before each day’s events, but the safety of our participants, staff, partners, and volunteers is our number one priority.


Here are some resources to help you keep an eye on this evolving situation:


After consultation with our local medical advisors, we have determined that an AQI over 175 or sustained at 150 on any given morning would make physical activity unsafe for our participants. In that case, the riding events for the day would be canceled, and unfortunately we will not be able to refund entry fees. Other non-riding events, such as our Welcome Expo, our RPI Festival, and our Be Good Foundation party, will proceed as planned.


​We’re using this air quality guide for evaluation, as it details the risks of pollution levels for both healthy and sensitive individuals.


We do not offer deferrals to a future event. If you are unable to attend, we recommend transferring your registration to another rider in BikeReg by August 15th.


Changes may be made to your registration by logging in to your BikeReg account. Changes and transfers must be completed by August 15th. Changes may include: 

  • Moving to a different race distance (i.e., from French Fry to Baked Potato)

  • Transfering your registration to a lucky friend (see below)

  • Updating contact information

If you decide to transfer to RPI Remote instead of doing the in-person event in Sun Valley, you are welcome to do so; just keep in mind that, as stated below, your Sun Valley fee will not be refunded. The are two ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Transfer your Sun Valley registration to another person (see below) and then sign up for RPI Remote separately, or

  2. Contact us by email to transfer your registration to RPI Remote.


The transfer of a registration from one person to another is allowed and is a very simple process through your BikeReg account. The transfer must be completed by August 15. All person-to-person transfers can be made by logging into your account on BikeReg and are at no additional cost, through BikeReg may charge a small transfer fee. Changes and transfers must be completed by August 15.


Rebecca's Private Idaho has a no-refund policy. You may either transfer your registration to a lucky friend or donate the fees to the charity fundraiser.



If you need to cancel your RPI BaseCamp membership, just email us to let us know you won't be participating. No refunds will be given for RPI BaseCamp cancelations.



Anyone signed up for RPI Remote may change to the RPI Sun Valley event if there is space remaining. Please email us at rpi@rebeccarusch.com so we can get you set up with the proper registration code to credit what you paid for RPI Remote ($49). Any additional fees will be added, and payment will be required to complete the change.

No changes may be made after August 15.



Rebecca's Private Idaho has a no-refund policy. No transfers are allowed for remote events. 

Rules and Ethics


All riders are required to stop by RPI headquarters for Packet Pickup at the Limelight Hotel for the Queen's Stage Race, this will be between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31. On Saturday, September 3 Packet Pickup will be in the Rec Center at Atkinson Park. Please plan to be there to catch the Mandatory Rider Meeting (times will be provided in the overall schedule), where Rebecca will cover pertinent information for all riders and answer last-minute questions. ​Your packet includes all the important stuff you’ll need in order to participate: your race bib with meal ticket, number plate with timing chip, rider shirt (for early registrants) and more.

Race rules are as follows:

  • Helmets are mandatory. Period.

  • No personal vehicles or follow cars allowed on course.

  • Aid is allowed by fellow riders or RPI event staff only.

  • No e-bikes or pedal assist.

  • You can change your tires for each stage of the race, but you must use the same bike frame for all three stages.

  • No littering. This includes water bottles and other non-organic material.

  • Use the toilets provided. This is a requirement of our permit.


Above all, Be Good and be a Gravel SHARK​

S – Safe. Abide by the rules of the road. Share the road. Keep your speed in check. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and MY priority.

H – Honest. Handle grievances directly and respectfully with the riders and event organizers involved. Do not assume malice, and be generous with the benefit of the doubt.

A – Accountable. Offer assistance if you come across another rider with a medical emergency. 

R – Responsible. Headphones are discouraged. If you must use them, keep the left earpiece out. Be prepared; the course is remote. Carry ample food, water, and maintenance supplies.

K – Kind. Respect all riders, race staff, volunteers, and public. Ride as friends and race as individuals.

Read more aboutGravel SHARK ethics here.