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Registration will open soon-

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What does that registration get me? Glad you asked.

  • A chance to experience a corner of the world like a local, in a place that few people really know, all from the saddle of your bike
  • A fully timed course, no matter what route option you select
  • Road closure on the first 4 miles of the course to get us out of town safely
  • A series (you’ll hit ‘em 5 times) of fully staffed and stocked rest stops with tons of food
  • A Rebecca’s Private Idaho gift bag at registration
  • A Rebecca’s Private Idaho commemorative t-shirt, suitable for framing, but you should probably just wear it a lot
  • A lovingly crafted post-ride meal from any one of our multiple local food vendors
  • A cold, refreshing, taste-like-the-first-one-you-sipped-when-Dad-wasn’t-looking PBR. If you prefer it hurled at you from across the table, that can be arranged.
  • A pleasant post-ride decompression in downtown Ketchum, featuring live music, food, drink, awards, and, most importantly, a place to sit down.
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