Keep Your Rig Clean

We get it, you'll spend miles and miles on your bike training and exploring even before you get here. You're also popular and a nice person- which means you'd probably rather spend your post-ride time high-fiving your admirers and rescuing kittens than meticulously cleaning your cassette and the bugs off of your frame.  


We were stoked to announce that WD-40 Bike would be doing all that work for you after the ride.....AND IT WAS A HUGE HIT!


Participants rolled back into Ketchum's town square, dropped their bikes with the WD-40 experts for washing and valet, picked up their party clothing and kicked up their heels to celebrate without ever having to go back to their hotel. 

WD-40 is back again to treat you like a pro, making sure your rig is clean so you can fill your stomach with post-ride food from our local resturants and leave a hand free for a Head Rusch.  



Pro Bike Wash in Under 5 minutes with WD-40 BIKE

We love WD-40 products because not only are they super easy to use, they make clean up so fast you'll have even more time to do all those good deeds you were planning already. 

Check out the full line of products WD-40 made specifically for cyclists and mechanics.



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