Queen's Stage Race Course Information
September 3-6, 2020

The stage race will consist of 3 required stages over 4 days of riding, with the final day culminating in the Baked Potato course of Private Idaho. To be scored for the overall rankings in the Queen’s Stage Race, you will need to ride Day 1, 2, and 4. If you have questions, please email rpi@rebeccarusch.com

Day 1: Stage 1, Thursday, September 3

Trail Adventure Stage 

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Mileage: 43.30 miles

Elevation gain: 3,711 feet

Type of terrain: Single track, gravel road, non-motorized path

Stage 1 is the kind of ride that'll make you giggle and think, “I can’t believe I’m riding my gravel bike here!” We start the stage at historic Galena Lodge and your legs and laughing muscles will be working from the start. You will climb and descend flowy singletrack on trails like Rip and Tear and The Grinder.  This includes everything from smooth, bermed turns to embedded rocks-and-roots sections, stream crossings, chunky gravel and tight trees. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of doubletrack passing sections in between the singletrack sweetness. Heads up here with your Garmin route file and course markings; there are so many turns and intersections that it’s easy to get lost.  We mark the trail, but I’ve designed the course and ridden it multiple times and I still get confused. Use your brain and pay attention. After about 16 miles in the twisty, turny Galena Trails, you’ll cross Hwy 75 (with flaggers), cross the Big Wood River and head south on the iconic Harriman Trail. This is non-motorized doubletrack and while you’ll be relieved to be on less technical terrain, don’t underestimate the unexpected obstacles, like thick piles of gravel, rain ruts, squirrels dashing across the trail and other trail users like horses and hikers. You’ll head down the Harriman and this is fast terrain, so be aware and share the trail. After about 10 miles southbound, you’ll find a turnaround near Phantom Hill and head back up the Harriman, gradually climbing all the way back up to Galena Lodge. This is two-way traffic, so please be attentive to other riders and stay right. The hardest part now is keeping your eyes on the trail because the views of the Boulder Mountains will take your breath away even more than the high mountain elevation. 3500 ft of elevation gain, 42 miles and some of the best riding and views you’ll ever experience. This is truly the best gravel ride I’ve ever done.

Day 2: Stage 2, Friday, September 4

Dollarhide Time Trial 

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Mileage: 49.65 miles

Elevation gain: 3,003 feet

Type of terrain: Gravel Road

This is an awesome ride because you get a 20-mile warmup to chat and ride with friends.  This is a neutral stage until we get to the base of Dollarhide Climb. From there, we lineup for the individual time trial.  It’s a staggered start and then you’re off into your own solitary pain cave. Dollarhide isn’t that steep or long, but the multiple switchbacks, thin air and tired legs from Stage 1 will make it feel longer than it is. After you reach the summit and get some air back into your lungs, you have a neutral ride back to Ketchum. Note: Maximum speed descending is 20 mph and you will be disqualified if you rip down the hill. Other riders will be going up and this road is open to traffic. Safety first please!

Day 3: Saturday, September 5, OPTIONAL DAY

Mileage: 20 miles

Elevation gain: 1,171 feet

Type of terrain: Paved and gravel roads

VIPs, campers, sponsors and media will join others for an easy ride out Trail Creek and Corral Creek Roads.  We’ll ride the Tater Tot 20 course and you'll get your first up-close views of the Pioneer Mountains. This ride is ½ gravel and ½ pavement and the perfect way to recover, socialize, enjoy the views and #JoinTheRusch.  No timing here, just keeping our legs loose for Sunday's ride.

Day 4:  Stage 3, Baked Potato, Sunday, September 6

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Mileage: 102 miles

Elevation gain: 5,295 feet

Type of terrain: A little bit of paved and mostly gravel

This iconic course is the original route of Rebecca’s Private Idaho and showcases the Idaho's awesome mountain vistas and remote landscape. We start and finish at Festival Meadows in Sun Valley with a neutral rollout. Trail Creek road is our gateway into the mountains. You’ll follow rolling hilly pavement for less than 10 miles, then the trail really kicks up, the pavement turns to gravel and you are truly earning your entry into Private Idaho. From the starting elevation, you’ll climb about 2,000 ft up to the top of Trail Creek Summit and rest stop #1. This is the biggest climb of the day and you get it out of the way early. From Trail Creek, you hit the fast, smooth gravel that drops you into the aptly named Big Lost River basin. To your right are the distinctive Pioneer Mountains, Idaho’s 2nd highest mountain range topping out over 12,000 ft. This high mountain valley is home to pronghorn, deer, elk and moose outnumbering humans. As you turn toward Wildhorse Canyon, the gravel is often full of washboards that keep you on your toes. At Wildhorse rest stop riders will head into Wildhorse for a stunning view and a big of rougher road before looping back towards Wildhorse rest stop.  At this point, the course splits and the Baked Potato riders head right toward the Copper Basin, a stunningly beautiful valley filled with sagebrush and willow-rimmed creeks, all hemmed in by the great White Knob and Pioneer mountain ranges.  This is the most beautiful and most challenging part of the course. The gravel is chunky and where it looks deceivingly flat, it is not. You will take the 25-mile journey around Copper Basin Loop road and hit the Copper Basin Rest Stop at the start and finish of the loop. Then it’s time to reverse your tracks and head back to Sun Valley via Wildhorse and Trail Creek. in 2019 we added a short 5 mile diversion that Rebecca calls El Diablito because the riding is devilish and technical, but the views of Devil's Bedsted will take your breath away if you have any left.  Do not underestimate this short section...take care, slow your pace, enjoy the view.  This section will surprise and shock you. Once back on Trail Creek Road, the trip home often rewards you with headwinds and more washboards, but a much shorter climb to get back to Trail Creek Summit. When you top out at Trail Creek Summit again, you’re almost done.  Just a 2,000 foot harrowing descent before hitting the pavement once more and returning to civilization in Sun Valley. Your long journey into the remote landscape of Idaho will be celebrated with your tribe during the Off-The-Wagon Days Celebration at Festival Meadows. We’ll be waiting for you there!

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