Full Rules & Shark Ethics

I’m thrilled to welcome you to my hometown and keen that we collectively model the decency and goodwill I believe to be representative of the cycling community I love. We have a few rules for Private Idaho, but more importantly, we have a code of conduct to guide most any decision you might face during the event.


Be Good and be a gravel SHARK. That stands for:



  • Abide by the rules of the road and share the road. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and MY number one priority.

  • Keep your speed in check - there are blind turns, oncoming traffic and steep cliffs. 

  • Helmets are mandatory. Period.



  • No personal vehicles or follow cars allowed on course. Aid is allowed by fellow riders or official RPI event staff only.

  • No e-bikes or pedal assist bikes unless you are an event volunteer.

  • Grievances, controversies or complaints should be handled directly and respectfully with the riders involved and the event organizers. Do not assume malice and be generous with the benefit of the doubt.



  • Do not litter – this includes water bottles and any other non-organic material.

  • Offer assistance if you come across another rider with a medical emergency. Medical assistance is available at aid stations, start/finish areas and on course through the Ketchum Fire Department.



  • Headphones are discouraged. If you MUST, please keep the left earpiece out so you can hear traffic and other riders.

  • Use the toilets provided. This is a requirement of our permit.

  • Be prepared – the course is remote (no cell service). Carry ample food, water and maintenance supplies. Aid stations are available approximately every 20 miles.



  • Respect all riders, race staff, volunteers and public. 

  • Ride as friends, but race as individuals...unless you are registered as a duo.


I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s ride!

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