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Rules and Ethics

All riders are required to stop by RPI headquarters for Packet Pickup at the Limelight Hotel between 6 and 8 pm on Wednesday, September 2nd. Plan to be there at 7pm to catch the Mandatory Rider Meeting where Rebecca will cover pertinent information for all riders and answer last-minute questions.


Packets include all the important stuff you’ll need in order to participate: your race bib with timing chip, number plate, rider shirt, maps, meal vouchers and more.

Race rules are as follows:

  • Helmets are mandatory. Period.

  • No personal vehicles or follow cars allowed on course.

  • Aid is allowed by fellow riders or RPI event staff only.

  • No e-bikes or pedal assist.

  • You can change your tires for each stage of the race, but you must use the same bike frame for all three stages.

  • No littering - this includes water bottles and other non-organic material.

  • Use the toilets provided. This is a requirement of our permit.


Above all, Be Good and be a Gravel SHARK

S - Safe. Abide by the rules of the road. Share the road. Keep your speed in check. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and MY priority.

H - HonestHandle grievances directly and respectfully with the riders and event organizers involved. Do not assume malice and be generous with the benefit of the doubt.

A - Accountable. Offer assistance if you come across another rider with a medical emergency. 

R - Responsible. Headphones are discouraged. If you must, keep the left earpiece out. Be prepared - the course is remote. Carry ample food, water, and maintenance supplies.

K - Kind. Respect all riders, race staff, volunteers, and public. Ride as friends, race as individuals.

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