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Rules and Ethics

All riders are required to stop by RPI headquarters for Packet Pickup at the Limelight Hotel between 6 and 8 pm on Wednesday, September 2nd. Packets include all the important stuff you’ll need in order to participate: your race bib with timing chip, number plate, rider shirt, maps, meal vouchers and more. Be there by 7pm to catch the Rider Meeting where Rebecca will cover pertinent information for all riders and answer last-minute questions.

Race rules are as follows:

  • Helmets are mandatory. Period.

  • No personal vehicles or follow cars allowed on course.

  • Aid is allowed by fellow riders or RPI event staff only.

  • No e-bikes or pedal assist.

  • You can change your tires for each stage of the race, but you must use the same bike frame for all three stages.

  • No littering - this includes water bottles and other non-organic material.

  • Use the toilets provided. This is a requirement of our permit.


Above all, Be Good and be a Gravel SHARK

S - Safe. Abide by the rules of the road. Share the road. Keep your speed in check. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and MY priority.

H - HonestHandle grievances directly and respectfully with the riders and event organizers involved. Do not assume malice and be generous with the benefit of the doubt.

A - Accountable. Offer assistance if you come across another rider with a medical emergency. 

R - Responsible. Headphones are discouraged. If you must, keep the left earpiece out. Be prepared - the course is remote. Carry ample food, water, and maintenance supplies.

K - Kind. Respect all riders, race staff, volunteers, and public. Ride as friends, race as individuals... unless you are registered as a duo. 



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