What is Rusch Hour Live?

Rusch Hour Live is part of the RPI BaseCamp program.

RPI BaseCamp offers exclusive training and nutrition seminars to make sure you are prepared for your challenge. Rebecca, her professional coach Tim Cusick, and a panel of experts will share with you their wealth of expert knowledge during the Science & Stoke and Rusch Hour Live exclusive, members' only seminars where you can ask the team your questions.

In the Rusch Hour Live episodes, Rebecca invites special guests to help YOU make the most out of your training, preparation, nutrition, and race day. Some guest in past episodes have included:

- Mobility and training expert Kelly Starrett

- Human nutrition and performance researcher Stacy Sims

- Endurance cyclist guru Jay Petevary

- Exercise physiology and nutrition expert Namrita Brooke, PhD

- Pro racers Amber Neben and fellow Red Bull Athlete Kate Courtney

- RPI Champions Kaysee Armstrong and Josh Berry

- Neuroscientist extraordinaire and Official Medical Provider for Red Bull’s Sponsored Athletes Dr. David Putrino

- Limit Pushing athletes Ayesha McGowan, Sam Scripio, Serena Bishop Gordon, and Crystal Anthony

Check out last year's Rusch Hour Live with RPI Champions Kaysee Armstrong and Josh Berry to preview what Rusch Hour Live is all about.

Get a taste of Science & Stoke in the posts Planning Your Route and Rules of Remote. To get full access to all of Rebecca's toolkit for gravel success, join RPI BaseCamp now.

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