Rules of RPI Remote

RPI Remote is a new staple of the RPI world and a way to connect the entire RPI community worldwide! Even if you can’t be in Idaho, you can still be part of the event, the training, the community and the fun by creating your own course from wherever you are in the world. Click here to read more and sign up! And keep reading for all the details for RPI Remote.


  1. Your route must meet the minimum requirements to be official, but you can go more. You MUST hit at least 62 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing on 50% gravel surface for the leaderboard results. This may mean you'll have to go a longer distance to hit the elevation. Click here for our tips on planning your Remote route.

  2. Your ride must be completed on September 5, rain or shine.

  3. Your ride must be recorded on Strava, and you must be part of the official challenge. Go ahead and sign up for the Join the Rusch! Strava club; we'll post the official challenges before the event and send all registered riders an email with the challenge link.

  4. All contest routes will need to be submitted post challenge for leaderboard consideration. We will send you all of the details on how to submit your routes a minimum of a week from the event.

  5. Route must be 50% or more gravel or dirt. This is an honor system, but we will review winning routes to ensure that 50% gravel or dirt is met.

  6. Submit your results immediately after your ride so we can post the leaderboard. Even if you are out for a great day of riding but not aiming for a podium spot, please submit your results so we can keep track of the total number of miles and elevation we rode together around the globe! We will send more details on submitting your results as we get closer to the event.

  7. Gravel, road, and mountain bikes are allowed. You must peddle with your own power. No e-bikes for final official racing in leaderboard scoring.

  8. Adhere to the Gravel SHARK rules as well as your local cycling rules and regulations. To learn more about the Gravel SHARK rules, see the Be a Gravel SHARK post here.

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