Maxxis Comes on as the "Offical Tire of Rebecca's Private Idaho"

Tires- They are the critical connection point between my bike and the earth below me.

They are there to grip when I carve a sharp corner, and they seemingly float over the pavement or dirt when I’m hammering out a hard effort. There is much to take into account when selecting a tire for training or racing: tread, pressure, width, casing. I customize my tire choice based on the terrain, event, and conditions. Riding a variety of different tires and terrains has allowed me to understand the various subtleties, giving me the confidence to trust my tires, making riding faster and more fun. 

Here are a few key races and events and the Maxxis bike tires I’ve ridden for each of them. 

Rebecca’s Private Idaho and Dirty Kanza 

The Rambler is my go to endurance gravel tire and it's great for both my signature event, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and the Dirty Kanza. Ramblers are durable, fast on the smooth roads, and have great tread that allows for predictable cornering. Maxxis nailed it with their first gravel tire.  

Rambler EX/TC 700x 40C

My go to for: Endurance gravel


In Leadville I ride the Ikon 3C/EX/TR, 2.35 up front, and 2.0 in the rear. The Ikon is lightweight and fast as hell. It's quick on the fire roads but has just enough tread to give you confidence bombing down Columbine. 

Ikon 3C/EX/TR 2.35 front, 2.0 rear

My go to for: Non-technical mountain biking, and fire roads.

Italy Divide and Smoke N Fire

I used to struggle selecting a tire for multi-day, varied terrain races, then the gang at Maxxis suggested the Tread Lite 2.1 EXO/TR.  It’s a semi-slick mountain bike tire with low profile center knobs that allow me to rip on non-technical sections, but ample side knobs to grip on more technical terrain. 

Tread Lite 2.1 EXO/TR

My go to for: multi-day, varied terrain, self-supported bike packing events.

Niner Fox Trot @ Ride Sun Valley

The Fox Trot race at the former Ride Sun Valley Festival was a marathon event featuring technical, backcountry single track terrain. Since it was in my backyard I had the opportunity to really fine-tune my tire recipe for the event. Up front I ran a Ardent 2.4 EXO/TR which is a killer do-it-all trail tire. The aggressive tread pattern allows me to push and take calculated risks in a short distance race like the marathon with confidence. I paired it with the Ardent Race 2.2 3C/EXO/TR in the rear. The Ardent Race is the happy medium between the Ikon and the traditional Ardent. Run this in the rear when you don’t need as aggressive a tread. 



Ardent 2.4 EXO/TR front, and Ardent Race 2.2 3C/EXO/TR rear

My go to for: technical single track terrain.

Today though July 15 we are giving away a Maxxis prize pack! 

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