Getting Here


For those new to our fair vale, “Sun Valley” is our shorthand for the collective towns of the Wood River Valley. It's also the name of the first destination ski resort ever built in the United States, and Ernest Hemingway’s home for many years. The towns you’ll spend most time in are Ketchum (where RPI begins and ends) and Hailey, 11 miles to the south (where the airport sits). The Wood River runs through both. Many things, including one of our beneficiaries, the Wood River Bike Coalition, take their name from this fine stream.

Flying In


The entire Sun Valley area is serviced by both air and ground transport. Hailey's airport (SUN) has flights from Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles via SkyWest and Alaska Airlines. Should you need more flights from which to chose, Boise International (BOI) is a 2.5-hour drive to Ketchum with shuttle or rental car options. and have trip planning pages to help you fill in the blanks and flush out your options.


Learn about shipping your bike here.

Where To Stay


As for the mint-on-the-pillow side of things, we reached out to our local hostelries to see if they wouldn’t sweeten the pot for our honored RPI guests. We’ve got some discounts listed below; look for this list to grow as we near the event. Don’t wait too long, though. Ketchum is still a small town and we’ve got a limited amount of beds, especially with Wagon Days happening the same weekend. Camping is fairly abundant in the National Forest outside of town, but don’t try any tent-pitching within city limits. You may find yourself booked in a different, less comfortable type of accommodation.


Click for information on local accommodations and discounts.


Need a Bike... Shipping a Bike... Forgot Gear? Shop Local!
Looking for a bike to ride for the event?

Want to hit some of the sweet local single track?

Don't want to fly with your bike, need help with shipping instructions? 

Forgot that one ride essential back home? 

Our local bike shops are here to help you out with all this and more!


Click to see a list of the Wood River Valley's bike shops.


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