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Nutrition by the Numbers for Rebecca's Private Idaho

RPI is known for having the best rest stops in cycling. We stock them full of all the goodies you'll need to keep you fueled for the ride.  We are happy to have our friends at GU not only back to share the nutrition needed but ride the course for the third year!   They know the event, they know the course, and they know what you'll need to make your ride the best ever. Check out their custom advice for RPI by Yuri Haswald, GU's Marketing Manager for Cycling and RPI 2013 and 2014 participant. 

At GU Energy Labs our goal is to create the highest quality nutrition products to fuel your personal best during adventures like the one you’re about to begin. Whether you’re tackling the 100 mile Baked Potato, or the 56 mile French Fry, proper nutrition and hydration will play a key role in your success.  In the time that it will take for you to finish either one of these efforts, both of which are at elevation, you will push your body to its limits, but that’s where our nutritional knowledge, and products, will help.  


A nutrition plan for a race like Rebecca’s Private Idaho can take many forms and use many different products (liquids, gels, solids, and capsules). The idea is to experiment in your training, to practice your nutrition, until you find a plan that fits your needs and works for your stomach. You get the idea…the better prepared you are nutritionally, the better your body will perform and the more fun you’ll have,


  • When it comes to calories, try to consume anywhere from 150 to 250 calories per hour, depending on what your system can tolerate, and the intensity at which you are riding.

           For reference,

                        - A single packet of GU Energy Gel is 100 calories, 

                        - A packet of Energy Chews (4 pieces) is 90 cal,

                        - A 21 oz bottle of Hydration Drink Mix is 70 cal,  

                        - A 21 oz bottle of Roctane Energy Drink Mix is 240 cal.


        You will want to strike a balance between gel, chew, liquid and solid calories, that’s why it’s so important to practice         how you’re going to fuel.


        You also want to be sure to consume at least 8-10 oz of liquids after eating a GU/Chew or solid food item, as this              will help your body assimilate/breakdown the nutrients. 


  • Drink at least one 21 oz bottle per hour, and 1.5 to 2 bottles if it’s over 80 degrees, of Hydration Drink Mix, or just a plain bottle of water.  (If you’re a heavy sweater, you need to consume more fluids and Roctane Hydration Capsules, which have 140 mg of sodium and ginger root which helps settle race gut and aids digestion). 


  • If you are prone to cramping, and if it’s going to be hot/humid, be sure to consume 1-2 Roctane Hydration Capsules per hour. Our 9 calorie Hydration Tab, with 320 mg of sodium, is also a great solution for those prone to cramping and is very light on the stomach, which can work well later in the day when your system gets tired of too many liquid calories or gels. 


  • Solid food is important to mix in with your sports nutrition plan. Whether it’s boiled/salted potatoes, a piece of PB&J or some other type of sandwich, a banana, nuts, etc., it’s imperative that you find other foods to mix in with your sports nutrition plan. Luckily at RPI, you'll have a sweet spread of not only GU products but solid foods like nuts, M&Ms, and the famous Rosemary-Sea Salt Idaho Potatoes!


  • RECOVERY: Following any prolonged hard effort, especially one as demanding as Rebecca's Private Idaho, it is imperative to begin the recovery process within 30 minutes of finishing. The optimal post ride/race recovery nutrition would be a meal or drink consisting of carbohydrates and protein. Our Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Drink contains the optimal forms of carbohydrates and Whey Protein Isolate. Our recovery drink, which tastes great mixed with water, milk or almond milk, also has 240 calories and the key Amino Acids - Argenine and Glutamine- which promote recovery by diminishing the negative effects of intense training/racing, so be sure to visit the finish line Recovery Lounge to get your ice cold Chocolate Smoothie. 


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