Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How old do I have to be to participate?

You must be 16 to participate in the Baked Potato and 14 to participate in French Fry.

I want to race but I'm coming with my kids. Do you offer childcare?

No, but you can contact the concierge at The Limelight Hotel or Sun Valley Resort for suggestions.​ Post-race festivities are family friendly so bring your little ones!

How do I get there and where should I stay?

We offer some suggestions (and discounts!) on our Plan Your Trip page. Your accommodation selection will depend on what level of luxury you're looking for! Sun Valley/Ketchum has it all - from rustic campgrounds to 5-star resorts. . ​If camping is your thing, check out 

Something unexpected has happened and I can no longer race. What do I do?

We do not offer refunds. We understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we'll always want to help, please be ready for the above policy to apply.

Are there recommended training programs for the race?

There are! Head to the Training and Nutrition page to check them out!


How do I edit my registration or transfer it to another rider?

Instructions on editing your registration and transfers are included in your confirmation email. Can't find the email? Visit to get the process started. 

What are my chances of getting in off the QSR waitlist?

Hard to say! What we can tell you is that spots DO open up every year - plans change, injuries happen, family emergencies come up - but we can't make any promises! We recommend that you register for another race category as a backup plan. 

I'm on the waitlist for the Queen's Stage Race, but I also registered for the Baked Potato as a backup plan. What happens to my Baked Potato registration if I get into the Queen's Stage Race?

You can either transfer your Baked Potato registration to another rider or receive a refund. This is the only scenario where we will offer a refund!

I want to add a Bike Build but I'm already registered. How do I purchase this option?

Purchase your bike build here.

Race Day FAQ

What is offered at the aid stations?

We're known for going above and beyond when it comes to our aid stations! Whether you're looking for whole foods (bananas, PB&J sammies or our famous rosemary roasted potatoes), a quick boost (a full assortment of GU gummies/chews, electrolytes, gels and roctane) or something sweet (M&M's, gummy bears and other assorted candies), we've got you covered! That said, the course is remote. We recommend you bring what you need with you and use our aid stations as an extra boost!

What is the cutoff time?

For Sunday's races, riders must reach the Copper Basin Aid Station (the 3rd aid station) by 11:30 AM.  Riders who do not make the cut off will turn around at the rest stop. 

What size tires should I use?

Rebecca rides all 3 stages on her 40 or 45cc Maxxis Ramblers. Remember, for the Queen's Stage Race you can change your tires for each stage of the race, but you must use the same bike frame.

Where do I leave my stuff while I'm racing?

We've got you covered on race day! Drop your personal belongings in our Bag Drop area near the start. We'll keep it safe while you're out on course and while you enjoy the festival. After you finish, take some time to regroup in our Rest & Recovery area, get your bike cleaned up at our WD40 Bike Wash station and use our changing tents to freshen up for the remainder of your afternoon at the Off-the-Wagon Days celebration!



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