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General FAQ

I received the email from BikeReg about making the decision for my registration, but I don't understand what to do!

When you click on your Edit Entry link from the BikeReg email you should be taken to a personalized page for your race entry. SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE (under your contact information) and select your preference from the dropdown menu. You have the option to transfer to the RPI Challenge, defer to 2021, cancel and receive a refund or donate your registration to The Be Good Foundation.

Is RPI canceled this year?

No! While we will not gather together in Sun Valley, ID this year due to health and safety concerns, RPI will take place in 2020 as a new event format. The event includes an 8-week adventure, training and nutrition program along with an awesome ride challenge that mimics the RPI courses and you will execute from wherever you are.​

What, exactly, is the RPI Challenge?

The RPI Challenge is an 8 week program that will offer customized training and ride-specific nutrition plans, deep dives into Rebecca's gear, best practices on recovery, motivation tips, ride planning hacks, brain training and tech tools. Two program levels and four different ride challenges make this customizable for everyone. The 8-weeks culminates with a final race challenge over Labor Day Weekend where participants can race from wherever you are.


What’s the difference between the RPI Challenge and the RPI Experience?

The RPI Challenge is our baseline membership - it’s access to the Labor Day Weekend race challenge. Think of it as your race entry fee, but with some added bonuses like Science & Stoke Webinars with Rebecca and Coach Tim and other tips on preparing, training and executing your ride! 

The RPI Experience is our premium membership that gives you full access to 8-weeks worth of content, including a training plan customized to your race distance, nutrition plans/tips, gear recommendations and reviews, brain training, stretching and recovery, access to Rebecca’s line of experts and so much more! Think of it as a full-spectrum training EXPERIENCE that gives you all the tools you’ll need to execute your very best on race day!


I don’t want a membership, I just want to race. What do I do?

The RPI Challenge Membership is the option for you! Think of the $49 membership fee as your entry fee into the race. It’s up to you on whether you want to take advantage of the additional content we’ll be sharing through the membership. But, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love the extras too!

What are the dates of the race?

Queen's Stage Race Stage 1: Friday, September 4th

Queen's Stage Race Stage 2: Saturday, September 5th

Queen's Stage Race Stage 3/Baked Potato, French Fry & Tater Tot: Sunday, September 6th

What are the distances and elevation gains for each race category?

Click here for the Queen's Stage Race 

Click here for Baked Potato, French Fry and Tater Tot

Why are you doing this? Why not just offer a virtual event?

While COVID-19 has had a huge impact on events in 2020, we saw this as an opportunity to think outside the box and offer participants more than just an online virtual event. Rebecca wants to connect with you and our community in a new and exciting way and elevate your performance while all raising funds for the Be Good Foundation and our non profit partners fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. 

How will the actual race work over Labor Day weekend?

If you participated in The Giddy Up Challenge then you have a pretty good idea of how this challenge will work! Riders will ride their chosen course(s) from wherever they are and log their rides. The same distance and elevation gain of the selected RPI course will need to be met in order to officially complete the challenge. 

Is it a race or a ride?

RPI Challenge is whatever you want it to be.  You can race it and go for the leaderboard, bragging rights and prizes or you can challenge yourself and have  a fun ride - maybe even some new personal bragging rights.

Important note about racing it: if you are going to race, your ride will have to take place on dirt to qualify for the leaderboard and podium. 

What if I want a full refund?

Starting July 1, you will have the option to ride with us on this year’s RPI adventure and do good, defer your registration to 2021, cancel by July 15 to receive a refund, or donate your membership fee to The Be Good Foundation.

I’ve already booked my airline tickets and accommodations in Sun Valley, ID. Can I still come and ride the course there?

If you have your heart set on coming to Idaho we won’t stop you, but we ask that you review all current COVID-19 protocol, travel restrictions and what phase your area and Sun Valley is in.  If you still decide to come to Idaho and ride your RPI on the public roads it will be just like doing it from your home area. You will treat it like an unsupported ride.  We won’t have any mass start, timing mats, or course signage. No aid stations, medical services or roving mechanics either. You will be responsible for your own safety. Please keep in mind that the courses are remote and for much of the ride there is no cellular service. You should have a firm communications and emergency plan in place for your ride as well as sufficient water and nutrition. In addition, we will not be arranging any in-person ancillary events or parties.

How do I access my training plan and nutrition guide?

If you're an Experience member, you get a training plan and a nutrition guide for the entire program! Click here to learn how to access your training plan, and click here to learn how to access your nutrition guide.

What if I want to ride RPI on pavement and not dirt?

That’s OK!  You can ride the challenge any way that suits you.  But if you want to be on the official leaderboard and results ranking, we ask that you execute the ride with more than 50% on gravel/dirt.  For podiums, if there’s any question, then we will verify the ride file that you upload.


What kind of bike can I ride?

Anything!  It’s up to you.  We just ask that to be listed on the official leaderboard and rankings, only human powered bikes are allowed (no e-bikes!)


Can I execute the ride challenge inside on a trainer?

Yes!  You can ride indoors or out.  Either way you have to hit the elevation marker and the distance marker of your chosen RPI course.


Can I ride on a different day than the official race days?

No...just like an in-person event, you have to show up on race day to execute your ride.  Strava will accommodate and adapt based on your time zone and wherever you are in the world.

There are a few different Facebook pages. Which one should I follow/join?

Rebecca’s Private Idaho Facebook PAGE:  This is the joining place for all of our participants and anyone interested in learning more about Rebecca's Private Idaho! We'll be posting updates and getting you pumped for the challenge. It's also a great place to connect with other riders and the general cycling community! 

Rebecca’s Private Idaho Challenge Facebook EVENT: RSVP to the event here to let us know you're coming! Invite your friends and family, too! Please note, the Facebook Event is not an official registration page. Be sure to visit the Plans & Pricing page to purchase your membership!


Rebecca’s Private Idaho Challenge Facebook GROUP: This is a private member group for Experience level members only where you'll be able to interact with the coaches and other Experience members. All Experience Members will be invited and accepted into this group.


What happens if I'm already registered for RPI through BikeReg?

Lucky YOU! We will send out detailed instructions on July 1st on how to transfer your BikeReg registration over to our new RPI Challenge website.  It’ll be super easy, we promise.

I want to cancel/defer my registration for 2020. What should I do?

Please be sure to follow the instructions in the email we'll be sending out to all registered riders on July 1st when you'll be able to indicate your choice to cancel or defer. Cancelation must be requested by July 15. Starting on July 15, we will begin the process of refunding and deferring registrations. If you do not receive your refund by August 1, please reach out to

What if I want to upgrade to the RPI Challenge EXPERIENCE after the program start of July 13th?

No problem! Contact us at and we’ll walk you through the process. We’ll also offer a 6-week training plan for anyone that joins after the 13th and/or decides to upgrade!

If I transfer my registration to the new RPI Challenge membership, how will the refund process work?

Depending on your race category, when you transfer to the new RPI Challenge we will refund the difference to the form of payment you used on BikeReg. Refunds will begin after July 15. If you do not receive your refund by August 1, please email BikeReg at

  • QSR transfers to RPI Experience Membership: $150 refunded via BikeReg

  • QSR transfers to RPI Challenge Membership: $300 refunded via BikeReg

  • Baked Potato transfers to RPI Experience Membership: no additional cost or refund

  • Baked Potato transfers to RPI Challenge Membership: 75% of entry fee refunded via BikeReg

  • French Fry transfers to RPI Experience Membership: no additional cost or refund

  • French Fry transfers to RPI Challenge Membership: 65% of entry fee refunded via BikeReg

  • Tater Tot transfers to RPI Experience Membership: Please email us at for instructions.

  • Tater Tot transfers to RPI Challenge Membership: no additional cost or refund

How do I join the Strava Challenge?

The various Strava Challenges are open to the public, however, RPI Challenge members must join their ride distance to be scored for their ride on Labor Day weekend. Join the appropriate Strava Challenge based on your race distance.

Tater Tot:

French Fry:

Baked Potato:

Queen's Stage Race:

If I change my mind later and decide I want to race a different distance, is that ok?

Yes! Just be sure on race day that you've joined the appropriate Strava Challenge (listed above) for the distance that you'll be competing in. 


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Be Good™ Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations received through this fundraising campaign are tax deductible. A donation receipt will be provided via email.

What is the mission of the  Be Good™ Foundation?

The  Be Good™ Foundation enriches communities using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.


What specific program(s) will my donation and/or fundraising efforts support?

The  Be Good™ Foundation will award multiple grants based on our 2020 fundraising efforts to nonprofit organizations committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in the cycling industry/community. As we continue to explore this important initiative, we are having meaningful conversations with a variety of organizations to learn more about the types of programs available that are creating opportunity and doing the work that we believe this community is ready to get behind. Stay tuned for more information about the specific nonprofit organizations and programs RPI fundraising will benefit this year.


What is peer to peer fundraising?

Fundraisers participate by setting a personal fundraising goal towards the overall campaign/event goal and share their personal fundraising pages with their friends and family. Individuals may also create or join a fundraising team.


What fundraising platform are you using for this campaign?



How do I create an individual fundraising page?

Click here to read instructions on creating a fundraising page.


How do I create a fundraising team?

Click here for instructions on creating a fundraising team.


How do I join a fundraising team?

Click here for instructions on joining a fundraising team.

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