Frequently Asked Questions


RPI Sun Valley

What happens if RPI Sun Valley is cancelled?

Please refer to our policies page for more information regarding cancellations, refunds, and transfers.

Do I need to have a USA Cycling license to participate in RPI?

No, you do not need to have a one-day or yearly USA Cycling license to participate in our event.

What is the Duo category, and how does it work?

The Duo category was created so that two riders can work together on the French Fry or Baked Potato courses to share the load and help each other along. Duo Team rules:

  • Duo riders must sign up for the Duo category when registering.
  • Duo riders must stay within sight of each other throughout the entire course.
  • Duo riders must cross ALL of the timing mats AND finish line together.
  • You will be scored and recognized as a team; we have Duo category prizing!

I want to register for the Queen's Stage Race, but it's full. Will you open up more spots?

Capacities for all our Sun Valley events are determined by permits granted by the U.S. Forest Service. While we would love to let as many people as possible experience the Queen’s Stage Race, we are grateful for all that our permits do to protect the places we love by keeping them safe and clean so that we can continue to enjoy them in pristine shape for years to come. To that end, the Queen’s Stage Race is limited to 300 riders and sells out quickly each year. You may register for the QSR waitlist, but we also strongly recommend registering for the Sunday Baked Potato ride to ensure you have a guaranteed way to saddle up in case a QSR spot does not open up.

Are there cutoff times for the Sunday rides?

Yes! Cutoffs are designed to keep riders motivated, moving, and safe. For the Baked Potato category, you MUST reach the Copper Basin rest stop (at approximately mile 43) by 11:30 a.m. in order to continue onto the lollipop loop. Riders who do not make the cutoff will be turned around at the rest stop. For the French Fry category, there is no cutoff time, but you MUST finish the ride before the last Baked Potato rider, who typically crosses the finish line by 5:30 p.m. This allows French Fry riders approximately 9.5 hours to complete their 56-mile ride. There is no cutoff time for the Tater Tot category.

How much does RPI Sun Valley cost?

The cost for the race distances are as follows:

  • Queen's Stage Race
    • Jan 1-Feb 1: $449
    • Feb 2-Aug 15: $499
  • Baked Potato
    • Jan 1-Feb 1: $199
    • Feb 2-Aug 15: $229
  • French Fry
    • Jan 1-Feb 1: $149
    • Feb 2-Aug 15: $179
  • Tater Tot: $49

Is the RPI Sun Valley course closed to vehicular traffic?

The RPI Sun Valley course is OPEN, meaning that it is your responsibility to be aware of traffic, fellow riders, and wildlife. You must obey the rules of the road and follow the Gravel SHARK ethics listed above in this FAQ. Failure to comply will disqualify you from the event.

I don't own a gravel bike. Can I use my mountain or fat bike?

Yes! About 25% of riders at RPI Sun Valley ride on their mountain bikes. We know that not everyone can own a variety of different bike types, so if you choose to ride a mountain bike during RPI Sun Valley, we recommend using thinner (1.8”-ish) tires without a lot of tread on it to make a noticeable decrease in resistance and therefore increase in speed. As far as fat bikes go, a small percentage of RPI Sun Valley riders choose this option each year, though it is definitely slower. You can also always rent a gravel bike from Sturtevants of Sun Valley if you’re interested in seeing if this bike type is right for you! For more information, visit their website or give them a call at 208-726-4501. Please note they tend to book quickly for dates during RPI Sun Valley, so make your reservations well in advance!

Do you have tips for riding a drop-bar bike on singletrack?

As with anything, practice is important. Try to ride your drop-bar gravel bike like a mountain bike. On technical terrain, ride in the drops with elbows out for better control and better leverage on the brakes. Wide knees will allow the bike to move over bumps, around corners, and underneath you. Elbows and knees become your suspension when riding bumpy terrain on a rigid bike; allow your body to be loose so the bike can bump around underneath you while your upper body stays centered and solid. Tire pressure (as in not too much of it) is also key for traction and control. Our suggestion is that you start dipping onto some singletrack on your gravel bike while training for RPI. We think you’ll be surprised at what it (and you!) can handle.

What tires should I use?

Go as big as will fit! Just be sure to dial your tire pressure and choose a tire with decent sidewall protection. Maxxis Rambler EXOs are Rebecca's go to.

What are the distances and elevation gains for each race category?

The Queen’s Stage Race (QSR) begins September 1 and ends September 4, 2022. All other routes take place Sunday, September 4, 2022.

  • QSR Day 1: 43 miles, 3,711 feet elevation gain
  • QSR Day 2: 50 miles, 3,003 feet elevation gain
  • QSR Day 3 (optional): 20-mile fun ride, 1,171 feet elevation gain
  • QSR Day 4: 100 miles, 5,295 feet elevation gain
  • Baked Potato: 100 miles, 5,295 feet elevation gain
  • French Fry: 56 miles, 3,543 feet elevation gain
  • Tater Tot: 20 miles, 1,171 feet elevation gain

What is the last day to register for RPI Sun Valley?

The last day to register for RPI Sun Valley is August 15, 2022. But don’t wait until then, because this race sells out fast!

Are there rest stops on course? What kind of support can I expect there?

RPI Sun Valley is a largely self-supported event. Riders should plan to bring the hydration, nutrition, and tools they will need to succeed along their chosen routes. Rest stops will be available on the final day of the Queen’s Stage Race, including for all riders in the French Fry, Baked Potato, and Tater Tot categories. Rest Stops will offer shade, bicycle racks, portable restrooms, trash receptacles, water, and limited food items to support riders. All food and water distribution will be done in accordance to best practices for food and health safety standards. Volunteers and staff will be on-site at all rest stops.

  • The Tater Tot rest stop is located at the turnaround point in Long Gulch at the halfway point
  • Rest stop 1 (Trail Creek) is located at the top of the Trail Creek climb at miles 12/80.
  • Rest stop 2 (Wild Horse) is located on the west side of the Wild Horse Creek and 135 split at miles 24/68.
  • Rest stop 3 (Copper Basin) is located at the split of 135 and 138 in Copper Basin at miles 43/65.
Please note: French Fry riders will visit rest stop 1 and rest stop 2 twice during their ride. Baked Potato riders will visit each rest stop twice during their ride.

Can my family and friends drive out on the course to cheer me on?

While the course is open to traffic, we do not encourage family and friends to be out on it. For the safety of all riders involved, we want to do our best to minimize the amount of traffic on the course. We also want to assure we maintain the integrity of this beautiful National Forest Land and reduce our footprint as much as possible. RPI Sun Valley very gratefully takes place on primarily National Forest Land, including the Lost River Ranger District of the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, and the Ketchum Ranger Districts of the Sawtooth National Forest, all of which are historic native land of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. This land is also open range land, meaning grazing livestock may be on the course. Below are some general rules and parameters from our Forest Service permit related to land use:

  • Be respectful of other NFS users, including other recreationalists and permit holders.
  • Recreation events are non-exclusive, and public lands are for everyone’s enjoyment. Please be mindful that the Forest is still open for other visitors to recreate and that public lands are shared spaces.
  • Other permit holders include grazing, mining, and logging permittees, who also operate on NFS lands. Please be mindful of these activities.
  • For events that occur within or near grazing allotments, do not harass or stress livestock, and leave gates as you found them (i.e., keep closed gates closed).
  • Respect wildlife. Do not harass and stress wildlife. Observe wildlife from a distance and do not approach or feed.
  • Ensure participants practice Leave No Trace ethics and prevent resource damage.
  • Take responsibility for any resource damage that occurs as a result of the event and contact the Forest Service to repair, restore, or replace any damages on NFS lands.
  • Stay on designated routes and trails. Motorized vehicles must comply with Motor Vehicle Use Maps.
  • Prevent the spread of noxious weeds by cleaning motorized vehicles and equipment prior to accessing NFS lands. Events promoting motorized use must provide participants access to weed wash stations.
  • Follow all federal, state, and county laws.
  • Leave NFS lands better than you found them.

What is the Tandem category, and how does it work?

The Tandem category is designed for tandem bicycle riders who want to work together to complete the French Fry or Baked Potato courses. Grab your partner and tandem bike and enjoy the race from whichever bike seat you choose!

My partner/friend/parent/child is coming to support me but is not riding. Are they ways for them to get involved?

Yes! We are always looking for more rad-ass volunteers to help our already incredible and dedicated team on the ground in the Sun Valley area. Click here to see our volunteer opportunities.

What is Day One of the Queen’s Stage Race like? How technical is the course?

Gain insight into a unique day of riding by watching this video from Day One of the 2021 QSR. You can also check out Rebecca’s YouTube channel for more course recon and 2021 recap videos.

How crowded is the single track section on Day One of the Queen’s Stage Race? Is it difficult to pass?

With a maximum of 300 people participating in the QSR and a couple miles of uphill doubletrack right out of the start, riders tend to spread out nicely before hitting the true singletrack section on Day One of the QSR. There are sections of singletrack where it's difficult to pass, but they're interspersed regularly with sections of doubletrack. In keeping with our gravel SHARK ethics, riders are typically great about passing: just let others know you're there and go for it when the next safe spot comes along!

Do you offer refunds if I can no longer attend RPI?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for RPI. You are more than welcome to transfer your registration to another rider through BikeReg ( click here for instructions) or donate the fees to our nonprofit fundraising efforts. You can also elect to donate your registration to the Be Good Scholarship Fund to go toward registration for an individual who would not otherwise be able to afford attending RPI Sun Valley. Contact us at to make giving this incredible gift possible.

Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

Yes! (Does your friend know how lucky they are?!) BikeReg makes it easy to transfer registrations; log into your BikeReg account and make the changes there by August 15. We do not charge for transfers, but BikeReg may add a small transfer fee. Click here for instructions.

Can I transfer my registration from Sun Valley to Remote?

Yes, you can transfer your RPI Sun Valley registration to RPI Remote. However, please be aware we do not offer refunds of the difference in cost. Please email to transfer to Remote.

Can I choose a different mileage option after I've registered?

Yes! We want all riders to be in the category that suits them best, so as long as your desired event is not closed, simply log into your BikeReg account and make changes there ( click here for instructions); you'll be prompted to pay for any difference in price, if applicable. Please note that we cannot offer refunds if you move from a more expensive category to a less expensive category.

Can I change my t-shirt size, contact details, and other info after I've registered?

Yes! BikeReg makes it super easy to edit your registration; simply log in to your BikeReg account and make the changes by August 1. Click here for instructions.

RPI Remote

What is RPI Remote?

RPI Remote allows riders to participate in Rebecca’s Private Idaho from wherever they are in the world. Riders will design their own course (don’t worry, we’ll help!) that is at least 62 miles, gains at least 4,000 feet in elevation, and is on at least 50% gravel surfaces. RPI Remote routes must be ridden on Sunday, September 4, 2022, the same day as RPI Sun Valley. See the RPI Remote webpage for more details!

I can't make it to Idaho for RPI Sun Valley. Can I still participate in some way?

Yes! RPI Remote allows riders to participate from wherever they are in the world! See our RPI Remote webpage for more details.

Can I transfer my registration from RPI Remote to RPI Sun Valley?

Yes! As long as there is space remaining in your preferred category, anyone signed up for RPI Remote may change to the in-person Sun Valley event. Please email us at for a code that will credit your RPI Remote registration toward your RPI Sun Valley registration. Please note there may be additional BikeReg fees required to process and complete this change. No transfers from RPI Remote to RPI Sun Valley may be made after August 1, 2022.

Do you offer refunds for RPI Remote?

No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds for RPI Remote registrations.

RPI BaseCamp

What exactly is RPI BaseCamp? Is it just a training program file I can download?

Not at all!! RPI BaseCamp is an education, stoke, and training program and community, all here to support YOU in your goals. Our custom eight-week training program will prepare you for any version of RPI. Each participant will have intimate access to robust and unique content from Rebecca and her network of performance experts.

Is the virtual training going to be on an online platform like Zwift?

Tim Cusick (Rebecca’s coach and the founder of BaseCamp) has created a unique community-based coaching and event performance system, in which you’ll get customized training plans, membership in an active Facebook group, four to five group rides, and support unlike any other training program out there. The workouts are built in TrainingPeaks' structured format, which means that when you do them indoors, they can be loaded directly to Zwift, TrainerRoad, other online programs, or your trainer....but they can be done outdoors as well! Read more about how RPI BaseCamp works here:

I don't have a power meter. Can I still do the training plan?

Yes! The workouts are written for power, but each one includes a heart rate conversion chart so you can do the workout even if you don't train with power.

Can I move workouts around in my RPI BaseCamp training plan?

Yes! If you have a premium TrainingPeaks account, simply drag your workout to whichever day you want it. If you don't have a Premium account, copy the workout, paste it to the day you want it, and then delete the original workout.

Can my workouts load automatically to my Garmin so I can see step by step instructions?

Yes! If your Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks accounts are linked and Autosync is enabled, your planned structured workouts will load automatically to your Garmin Connect calendar, and your completed workouts will load automatically to your TrainingPeaks calendar. Click here for a tutorial and more details. One important note: There are a few workouts in your training plan that are not structured, such as FTP tests. These will not load to your Garmin Connect calendar.

What if I need to cancel my RPI BaseCamp membership?

To cancel your RPI BaseCamp membership, please email us at Please note we do not offer refunds for canceled RPI BaseCamp memberships.

General RPI Questions

What is a gravel SHARK?

We're so glad you asked! Click here to read all about what it means to be a gravel SHARK.

Is RPI a race or a ride?

Both! Rebecca’s Private Idaho has an option for everyone, which means riders get to set their own goals. Want to end up at the top of the podium? Then get those pedals cranking! Aspire to finish your first 20, 56, or 100 miles of gravel? We'll support you the entire way and high five you at the end. Can’t make it to Idaho over Labor Day weekend? RPI Remote lets you create your own route wherever you call home. Excited about the hometown hospitality and community-oriented atmosphere of RPI Sun Valley? We’ll make sure the views are epic and the smiles genuine. In other words, RPI is a ride, a race, an experience — whatever you want it to be!
If you DO plan to race it, why not optimize your training with Rebecca and her experts? Join RPI BaseCamp for a custom eight-week training program that will prepare you for any version of RPI. Each participant will have intimate access to robust and unique content from Rebecca and her network of performance experts. Find more information about registering for RPI BaseCamp here!

Is RPI a fundraiser?

Yes! As always, we will be pedaling with purpose in support of the Be Good™ Foundation, which is dedicated to using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution. To learn more about the Be Good™ Foundation and to increase your impact by donating directly, head to the Foundation webpage.

RPI Sun Valley Lodging & Logistics

What sort of lodging is available in Ketchum? Can you tell me where to find the course start points as I make my lodging decisions?

There are a variety of lodging options in the Ketchum area, but please note that Labor Day weekend can be busy; we suggest making reservations well in advance. Limelight Hotel is offering up to 25% off for RPI riders. Book your rooms early to get the best rates and discounts (you can cancel within 14 days for full refund). The Sunday race start is at Festival Meadows on Sun Valley Road between Spruce and Dollar. Packet pickup takes place on Saturday at the Limelight Hotel on Main Street in Ketchum. Downtown Ketchum is only about three miles wide, making most lodging options very walkable from both the Limelight Hotel and Festival Meadows. The exception would be Elkhorn Village in Sun Valley, which is a bit further afield, though still very rideable by bike!

Where do you recommend I park/camp my RV based on the race location?

Sunday RPI Sun Valley race start is at Festival Meadows on Sun Valley Road between Spruce and Dollar. Packet pickup takes place on Saturday at the Limelight Hotel on Main Street in Ketchum. There are a few camping and RV parking options on public lands in the Ketchum area. Head to the website for more information and to check availability. Please note that sites tend to fill very quickly, so make your reservations early. There is an RV park just south of town, about five miles from race start. Contact the Meadows RV Park directly to inquire about a spot. No RV parking is allowed within Ketchum city limits. Please be respectful of the City of Ketchum and City of Sun Valley's parking rules.

Is camping available?

Yes! Camping is a popular option in the Sun Valley area. Designated campgrounds will likely be full due to Labor Day weekend holiday crowds, but there is dispersed camping off almost every dirt road in the valley. Almost all sites will be out of cell phone range and will require some driving to find a spot, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to find your home for the weekend.

Can I drive to the race start?

Preferably no. We strongly recommend riding to the race start if you are staying in Ketchum or Sun Valley. All Sunday categories begin on the border of Ketchum and Sun Valley in Festival Meadows just off Sun Valley Road and are easily accessed via a paved bike path. If you are staying out of town or need to drive for some other reason, please park in one of the public parking lots around town and then ride or walk to Festival Meadows from there. Do not park in an on-street, two-hour parking spot, as you will be ticketed. You can find more information about and locations of public parking options on the City of Ketchum’s website. We suggest that you plan to be parked and rolling to the start line no later than 7:15 a.m.

Is there cell phone service along the course?

RPI takes advantage of a wealth of world-class gravel roads in the greater Sun Valley area. Many of these roads head into remote regions where cell service is either limited or unavailable. Plan ahead and do not rely on cell coverage during the event. Download QSR GPX files and all other route files here for navigation purposes ahead of time.

Is there a place to store my post-ride gear on Sunday?

Yes! We'll have a bag drop station on Sunday morning for all riders in the Baked Potato, French Fry, and Tater Tot categories. Your bag must have your rider number on it in order to be put in the bag drop. Feel free to pack a change of clothes, recovery drinks, car keys, and any other items you might need to relax and enjoy the finish line party at Festival Meadows without having to go back to your car or lodging. Changing tents and bike valet will also be available post-ride.

Where do I buy tickets to the Be Good™ Foundation party?

The Be Good™ Foundation Party is open to anyone, and all proceeds go toward the Foundation’s mission to use the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution. Tickets will be available soon!

Have a question for us and don't find it below? Shoot us an email and we'll answer you and add it to the FAQ list.