What is the DUO Category?

This category was inspired by mountain bike stage racing and how much fun it is to ride with a teammate. The duo category was created so that two riders can work together on course to share the load and help each other along the full 60 or 100 miles of gravel. Working in a team has obvious advantages and is a fun way to experience the ride together, so this category just for you. 

Duo Team rules:

  • Duo riders must sign up for the duo category when registering.

  • Duo riders must stay within sight of each other throughout the course.

  • Duo riders must cross all of the timing mats and finish line together. 

  • You will be scored and recognized as a team.

  • We will have duo category prizing!

Riders who are not duo category competitors and are registered as solo riders, yet are found to be riding together in this fashion, will be placed and scored in the duo category. 

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