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Baked Potato

7am-7:40am: Line Up at start line in Festival Meadows

7:40am: Rider Briefing

8am: Baked Potato/QSR Stage 3 Rollout

This iconic course showcases Idaho's awesome mountain vistas and remote landscape. We start and finish at Festival Meadows in Sun Valley with a neutral rollout. Trail Creek road is our gateway into the mountains. You’ll follow rolling hilly pavement for less than 10 miles, then the trail really kicks up, the pavement turns to gravel and you are truly earning your entry into Private Idaho. 

From the starting elevation, you’ll climb about 2,000 ft to the top of Trail Creek Summit and rest stop #1. This is the biggest climb of the day. From Trail Creek, you hit the fast, smooth gravel that drops you into the aptly named Big Lost River basin.


To your right are the distinctive Pioneer Mountains, Idaho’s 2nd highest mountain range topping out over 12,000 ft. As you turn toward Wildhorse Canyon, the gravel is often full of washboards that keep you on your toes. At Wildhorse rest stop, riders head into Wildhorse Canyon to Fall creek before turning back towards Wildhorse rest stop. BE AWARE this section will have TWO WAY RIDER TRAFFIC.  


At the rest stop the course splits and the Baked Potato riders head right toward the Copper Basin, a stunningly beautiful valley filled with sagebrush and willow-rimmed creeks, all hemmed in by the great White Knob and Pioneer mountain ranges.  This is the most beautiful and most challenging part of the course. The gravel is chunky and where it looks deceptively flat, it is not. You'll take the 25-mile journey around Copper Basin Loop road and hit the Copper Basin Rest Stop at the start and finish of the loop.


Note: CUT OFF TIME to reach Copper Basin Rest Stop is 11:30 AM.  You must be through the rest stop by that time to continue onto the loop. Riders who do not make the cut off will turn around at the rest stop.


At mile 81 Baked Potato riders will take a short 5 mile diversion off Trail Creek Road on a section that Rebecca calls El Diablito, for the devilish technical aspect, but also the breathtaking views of Devil's Bedsted. Take care in this section to protect your tires and yourself. 


Back on Trail Creek Road, the trip home may include headwinds and more washboards, but when you top out at Trail Creek Summit again, you’re almost done.  Just a 2,000 foot descent before hitting the pavement once more and returning to civilization in Sun Valley. Your long journey into the remote landscape of Idaho will be celebrated during the Off-The-Wagon Days Celebration at Festival Meadows. We’ll be waiting for you there!

Tater Tot

7:20am-7:40am: Line Up at start line in Festival Meadows

7:40am: Rider Briefing

8:15am: Tater Tot Rollout

The 18.76-mile Tater Tot features the same professional experience as the Baked Potato and French Fry routes in a more bite-sized format. Tater Tot riders will enjoy a mix of 1/2 gravel and 1/2 pavement as the perfect intro to gravel or family ride. The course starts at Festival Meadows in Sun Valley and will roll out Trail Creek Road for about 5 miles. Here, Tater Tot riders will take a right turn on Corral Creek Road. Be alert for this course split or you’ll be headed up and over Trail Creek Summit and a much longer ride than you planned!

Corral Creek is an amazing gravel road climbing gently through the aspen trees with impressive views of the Pioneer Mountains in front of you. At the end of the road, you’ll loop around at the Pioneer Cabin trailhead for a fun descent back to Trail Creek Road. At this point, you are not headed back to Sun Valley yet…take a right on Trail Creek and go another mile up the road to Antelope Creek gravel road where you’ll loop back towards Sun Valley and enjoy the views of Mt. Baldy before your finish.


Timing finish is located under the Red Bull arch near the Sun Valley Gun Club. Please go through the timing mat so we know you made it back safely. After the Red Bull arch, continue untimed to Festival Meadows where you started. You will be celebrated during the Off-The-Wagon Days Celebration at Festival Meadows.  We’ll be waiting for you there!

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