Dedicated to Pete Beers


RPI has always been about connecting people and riding with purpose.  Every year has been different, challenging and rewarding and this year is no exception.  I started RPI in 2013 just on the heels of a wildfire that evacuated and threatened my home community. The 200 Pioneers that came that first year were gritty and determined and birthed this global community of dirt lovers. 


My cherished friend Pete Beers was here that year and every year since. Pete died last weekend while riding his bike.  He was training for the RPI challenge.  There aren't enough words to describe this wonderful human. He was a loud, hilarious messenger for loving life, loving riding and loving people. "You are loved" and "let's go on a bike ride" were the two things I heard him say the most, to me and anyone who happened to be fortunate enough to be around him.  Pete was the absolute essence of Be Good.


This year I am dedicating Rebecca's Private Idaho to our friend and RPI Pioneer, Pete Beers. This is the best way I know to honor his legacy:  with a worldwide bike ride that is healing for all of us as individuals and also globally healing.  As you saddle up to go on a bike ride with us remember "you are loved”

Be Good:  A Message from Rebecca

My Personal Mission Statement: To continually challenge and inspire myself and others to Be Good.

What is the purpose and focus of the Be Good Foundation’s efforts for Rebecca’s Private Idaho in 2020?


RPI has always been a fundraising ride, and the biggest fundraising project for the Be Good Foundation each year. The Foundation’s mission is to use the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution.  I created the Be Good Foundation with this mission because bikes have changed my life and I have witnessed how they can have this kind of power worldwide. Each year, the Foundation finds different projects that meet our mission statement.


I finished my own Giddy Up Challenge ride for COVID-19 relief on the early morning of May 25.  Hours later, George Floyd lay dead in Minneapolis, murdered by police.  I grieve for him, for his family and his community and with all our nation and the world who mourn this crime and loss. For so many white Americans, including myself, this was an overdue realization of the injustice and suffering continually wrought on individuals and communities of color by our nation’s racist public policies.  


I grieve privately, but then I act publicly. I have a personal and public responsibility to do everything I can not only to speak about and against persistent and deep inequities in our society, but to act effectively in repairing our very broken world.


The cycling industry and community need diversity, inclusion and equity. That is why I am focusing Be Good fundraising on groups, projects and people who are working to advance this essential priority.  As my team and I work to find partnerships providing cycling access, education, equipment and opportunity to individuals and communities vastly and inexcusably underrepresented in our sport, we are talking with people all over the world and vetting great projects globally.  I am dedicated to choosing groups for fundraising benefit who could use assistance, want to work together and are aligned with the Be Good Foundation’s mission statement.


The RPI Challenge has officially launched and the program will run through September 7th.  While we have not announced all of the projects where our fundraising efforts will be targeted, each group  chosen will have a focus on inclusion, equity and diversity in cycling.  I hope my fellow pros and all of our partners will feel welcome to contribute to our search and decisions.  If you know of organizations doing this kind of work, please reach out to me personally and tell me about them. When we know who our fundraising’s beneficiaries will be, we will publish and promote and introduce you to them so you know exactly where your fundraising efforts are going.


Thank you for your interest and for your commitment to Be Good with us.

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The mission of Rebecca's Private Idaho is to connect people, to ride with purpose, and celebrate beautiful places.
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Rebecca's Private Idaho Sun Valley gratefully takes place on National Forest Land, including the Lost River Ranger District of the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Sawtooth National Reccreation Area, and Ketchum Ranger Districs of the Sawtooth National Forest, all of which are historic native land of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. 
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