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Training starts July 4!

Have you always dreamed of training with Rebecca? Well, now you can! Join us July 4 through September 4 for RPI BaseCamp, an eight-week, full-spectrum training and performance community with Rebecca, her coach, Tim Cusick, and her world-class network of high-performance specialists. Get in the saddle next to Rebecca for RPI Basecamp. Registration closes July 4!


RPI Remote + BaseCamp

Combine your remote registration with your RPI BaseCamp training and save!




Train with Rebecca for any version of RPI with our custom 8-week training program and community!




RPI Remote can be completed wherever you are. Create your own course (we'll help!) and be part of the event, the training, the community, and the fun!


Give the Gift of RPI Remote

Can't ride or run but still want to be part of RPI? Challenge a friend or support someone else's goal!


How BaseCamp Works

The RPI BaseCamp training program is open to all RPI participants, regardless of whether you're doing RPI Sun Valley or Sun Valley Remote. The training program begins July 4, and we recommend signing up as soon as possible. Here are the two simple steps to getting started:

  1. Sign up for RPI BaseCamp.

  2. If you don't have a TrainingPeaks account, create one for free here

We'll start setting up on June 20. Here is what you can expect at that time:

  1. We will email you a questionnaire to complete. This will tell us about your current fitness and your available time to train, which will help us know how to customize your training plan.

  2. We will email you a link to connect your TrainingPeaks account to ours so that we can load your workouts directly to your TrainingPeaks calendar. 

  3. We will also email you a link to join the private Facebook group to begin getting to know your fellow RPI participants. 

  4. Based on your answers to the training questionnaire, we will apply your training plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar near the end of June.

  5. We'll kick off the training with a live webinar on June 30 to make sure everyone is set up and ready to go and to answer any questions.

Then the real fun begins: the training itself! Simply follow the training plan, ask questions in the Facebook group, and watch your fitness grow as you do the work. We'll be sharing lots of education and training tips in the Facebook group, by email, on our blog, and in our webinars, so be prepared to finish the program with lots of new tools and expertise.

What You'll Need to Participate

Here's a list of things you'll need for RPI BaseCamp:

  • A bike

  • A TrainingPeaks account (a free basic account works just fine)

  • An active Facebook account if you'd like to participate in our private group

  • A free Zoom account if you'd like to join our webinars (the recordings will be available afterward if you cannot attend live)

  • A power meter or heart rate monitor (the training plans are power based for maximal gains, and we highly recommend training with power to make the most of your program, but the workouts are easily adjusted for heart rate data for anyone who does not have a power meter)

The RPI BaseCamp membership includes:

  • Customized training plan

  • Access to exclusive content

  • Monthly training and nutrition webinars teaching you the pro secrets

  • RPI community platform

  • Fully-supported training community featuring vibrant social groups and learning webinars

  • Team approach to coaching: access to all of our coaches for interaction and answers to your questions

  • Support in planning and executing your ride


Whether you’re training for RPI Sun Valley or participating in RPI remotely BaseCamp is all about community and getting on board with a plan for your success at the RPI event.  Join other riders around the world in a virtual training community to make your training fun, effective, and motivational!


Plans are available for all divisions whether it’s for the ultimate Queen Stage, the Baked Potato (102 miles), the French Fry (52 miles),  or the Tater Tot (20 miles).  Beginner and intermediate/advanced plans will also be offered for appropriate categories. BaseCamp is offered as an optional add-on, separate from race registration.