Training and Nutrition

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Regardless which course you choose, and whether you’re racing with a competitive goal in mind or simply riding for the experience, you’ll have a lot more fun if you put some time and energy into preparing properly. We can help!


“Preparation” includes mental, physical and logistical training and planning. These are not small undertakings, and we can offer guidance so you’ll arrive at the start line feeling as loose and confident as possible.


Rusch Academy

Join Rebecca in Idaho for 4 days of accelerated learning and unrivaled adventure! Not only will you familiarize yourself with some of the same terrain RPI will cover, you’ll benefit from the combined experience of a hand-picked cadre of top industry coaches and leaders dedicated to helping you develop skills and hone your focus while elevating mental and physical fitness for the road ahead.


12-Week Training Plan

Rebecca’s historic podiums and record-setting finishes aren’t accidental. They’re the result of carefully calibrated training (plus experimentation, learned tactics and tenacity). With these training plans designed for intermediate or advanced riders on the Baked Potato or French Fry courses, you’ll benefit from her experience as she guides you through a series of workouts to optimize your readiness for the climbs, grinds and gravel of RPI. You’ll find nutrition and hydration tips as well. Each plan is detailed, but uncomplicated. Stick to it and your results will surprise you.

*Located on BikeReg below the course listings. You do not have to register to purchase a plan.


Serious effort requires serious nutrition. Both options above include tips and strategies for planning your fuel intake and tweaking it for best results on ride day. You can and should experiment with whatever combination of whole foods, recovery drinks, sports bars, etc. will power you through the ups and downs for hours on the bike.


At aid stations on Sunday’s long ride, you can expect to find GU gels, chews, and drink mixes, Red Bull, bananas, PB&J’s, pretzels, cookies…and of course, the famous roasted rosemary/sea-salt potatoes. You’ll want to dial in whatever snacks and drinks work best for your body, and give some thought to the timing and frequency of both solid food and liquid intake.

Practice, practice, practice and when the big day comes, stick with a familiar plan you know to be effective. For more details, read our post on how to Fuel Right for RPI.