Baked Potato | French Fry | Tater Tot

Sunday, the big day, the grand finale! We’ll all line up together for a greeting from the Queen before rolling out in staggered starts for each ride group: QSR Stage 3 + Baked Potatoes; French Fries; & Tater Tots. While riders are on course, vendors, exhibitors and volunteers will be busy setting up Festival Meadows for the big Off-the-Wagon Days Celebration. 



Oh yeah! This is the macdaddy, the original route of Rebecca’s Private Idaho and stunner showcase of our awesome mountain vistas and remote landscape. We start at Festival Meadows in Sun Valley with a neutral rollout as flat-to-rolling pavement gives way to the biggest climb of the day: Trail Creek Summit. Dropping into the Big Lost River Basin you’ll loop through Wildhorse Canyon, where washboard gravel gets your attention before you head toward Copper Basin, a lovely valley  of sagebrush and willow-rimmed creeks, hemmed in by the great White Knob and Pioneer mountain ranges – the most beautiful and challenging part of the course. With the Copper Basin loop completed, reverse tracks and head back via an adventurous 5-mi. diversion Rebecca dubbed El Diablito. A ripping 2,000-ft. descent from Trail Creek Summit returns you to civilization in Sun Valley, where your tribe awaits with warm hugs and cold drinks during the Off-The-Wagon Days Celebration at the final Festival Meadows finish arch. 




102 miles

5,295 feet

90% gravel road | 10% paved road


The Goldilocks course: not too short, not too long--juuust right for those seeking the jaw-dropping views and remote experience of the Baked Potato, without the full commitment. With a Festival Meadows start and finish, you’ll still earn the bragging rights of the burly Trail Creek Summit climb and cover much of the same terrain (yep, washboards and headwinds too) as your Baked Potato brothers & sisters, but watch for a course split and signage around mile 37 and be sure NOT to turn with those Baked Potato riders.




56 miles

4,386 feet

90% gravel road | 10% paved road



Not quite ready to bite off the full Baked Potato? Satisfy your appetite with a side of Tater Tots instead. Coming in at just under 20 miles, the Tater Tot features the same professional experience as the Baked Potato and French Fry routes in a snack-sized format. Tater Tot riders will enjoy a 50/50 mix of terrain, sandwiching the nice swoopy gravel and gentle climbs of the classic Corral Creek trail between a smooth pavement start and finish--the perfect intro to gravel riding.




20 miles

1,295 feet

60% gravel road | 40% paved road


Want to team up? 

Register for the Duo or Tandem categories!


Duo: This category was created so that two riders can work together on course to share the load and help each other along the French Fry or Baked Potato courses. 

Duo Team rules:

  • Duo riders must sign up for the duo category when registering.

  • Duo riders must stay within sight of each other throughout the course.

  • Duo riders must cross all of the timing mats and finish line together. 

  • You will be scored and recognized as a team.

  • We will have duo category prizing!

Tandem: Grab your partner and your tandem bike, register together for the French Fry or Baked Potato, and enjoy the race together! The hardest decision will be deciding who gets to ride in front!

Giddy Up!